Where’s Welly was created by Oban RNLI volunteer crew member and press officer Leonie Mead. Within the action packed image are a number of hidden yellow wellies*.

Now, it’s over to you to see if you can find them all.

Download the high quality image to help you find the secret welly locations, or click on the image to enlarge. 

While you are searching, can you identify all of the different lifeboats, landmarks and even the lifeboat station? Look out for other recognisable boats and much, much more included in the illustration – will you find it all?

*yellow wellies on crew members are not counted.

Ready for the answers?

We’re keeping the answers closely guarded, but if you are ready to find out the secret welly locations and everything else please donate what you can to support the RNLI via our JustGiving page and in return we will send you an email with the password you need to unlock the answers.

The answers will be accessible by password here

RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews, including in Oban provide a 24-hour search and rescue service all around the UK and Ireland, while lifeguards keep a careful watch on many of the busiest beaches. Their lifesaving work depends on supporter fundraising and is only made possible by the generous donations that you and others give.

Take on the Where’s Welly Challenge and help ensure RNLI volunteers can keep saving lives at sea.



Where’s Welly was thought up and carefully illustrated by Oban Lifeboat crew member and press officer Leonie Mead as a bit of fun for people to take part in and to raise awareness of the RNLI. The digital illustration was hand drawn and inspired by RNLI lifeboat stations and lifeguards around the country and the amazing work of their dedicated volunteers.

Leonie said “I wanted to create something interactive we could share with our supporters digitally while face to face contact is still restricted. I was aiming for something fun and colourful that incorporated the entire RNLI fleet while celebrating our coastline and our many water users too.”

Leonie’s not going to let us in on how long it took, but we’ve heard each lifeboat took between half an hour and an hour to draw..

Video is a time lapse taken while drawing one of the lifeboats.

The high quality artwork has been made available to download from this page so that you can enjoy it in full, but please remember the ownership of the image lies with Leonie. Please enjoy, but respect the copyright laws; we’d hate to see Where’s Welly reproduced without our consent.